BONS Recommended Sites

This list is designed for individuals seeking high-quality online education about beekeeping. BONS has curated this list as a reference point to help you learn more about beekeeping. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of all beekeepers, podcasts, or resources available, but rather a starting point. As we receive feedback and discover additional valuable websites, we will update our list for your reading, watching, or listening enjoyment.

Some of the knowledgeable individuals featured on this list have previously spoken at BONS events—look for the asterisk (*) to identify them

Online Educational Sites:

American Bee Journal – Engaging content requires a subscription.

Bee culture – Engaging content requires a subscription.

Beekeeping Today (Podcast) – You can subscribe to receive them weekly.

Bob Bennie – Lots of videos from Georgia

*Buzzword Honey – This BONS member’s website offers a wealth of valuable information.

Frederick Dunn – Western Pennsylvania YouTube channel

Dr. David Peck – Great speaker.

*Dr. Kirsten Traynor – University of Hoheheim, Germany – Originally hailing from Maryland, she spoke at our club and is now conducting research in Germany.

*Dr. Samuel Ramsey – University of Colorado – Internationally acclaimed for his Varroa mite research, captivating speaker, addressed our club.

Dr. Tom Seely – Cornell University – Cornell University – Has done major research on feral bees and swarms.

Michael Palmer – Good speaker from Vermont

NY Bee Wellness Workshops – An educational nonprofit program to teach beekeepers honey bee disease recognition & to promote honey bee health.

*Paul Kelly – University of Guelph – Delivers compelling presentations on YouTube, addressed our club on a single occasion.

The Great Plains Master Beekeepers – Great Plains Master Beekeeping Program provides training, education, outreach, and mentoring for beginning and advanced beekeepers.

Two Bees in a Podcast – Great topic and presenters; spoke to our club via ZOOM.

Randy Oliver – A scientific expert who produces numerous videos, particularly passionate about Varroa treatments.

SWOBA Lecture series – Access is complimentary; Club based in the Cincinnati area with an excellent website.

*University of Minnesota – Marla Spivak – Addressed our club via Zoom; Demonstrates exceptional presentation skills; Held in high regard.


Apimondia – World wide conference; next one is in Amsterdam

Beekeepers of the Northern Shenandoah Make sure to check out our excellent site.

Bee Informed Partnership – Make sure to check out this excellent site.

EAS – Eastern Apiculture Society – Membership is required for access; Receive quarterly newsletters; Attend an annual 2-5 day conference featuring renowned speakers and topics suitable for beekeepers of all skill levels; Hosted in different states each year.

Honey Bee Health Coalition – Make sure to check out this excellent site

VSBA – Virginia State Beekeeping Association – Many states have an organization such as this, in person meetings once a year; membership required.

Companies Who Sell Equipment, Supplies, Bees, Etc:

BetterBee – Good company with great resources including Dr. David Peck;  Located north of Albany NY

Dadant Bee Supply – Nationwide supplier of high quality beekeeping equipment.

MannLake Bee Supply – Nationwide supplier of high quality beekeeping equipment.

Local Suppliers:

Eversweet Apiaries – Kearneysville, WV – Bees, queens, beekeeping equipment.

Hive House – Shepherdstown, WA – Bees, queens, beekeeping equipment.

Horton’s Nursery – Winchester, VA – Rt 522 S has some hive equipment

Shenandoah Bee Supply -Woodstock, VA – Bees, queens, beekeeping equipment.

Solenburger’s Hardware – Winchester, VA. – Berryville Ave has some hive and beekeeping supplies