February hive check

Daytime highs for today and tomorrow are forecast to be 50 – 55° F. I’ve been looking for an opportunity to take a quick peek into the hives and also felt that I should add candy/protein boards.  A projected mild weekend was just my inspiration! When I got to the hives the temperature was not what I had hoped for and no bees were flying but why not continue with the plan?

I found several hives with the cluster in the very top of the top box. To these I added a candy/protein board and will see if they make it. The hives are still heavy so I would guess there is capped honey below and to the outside of the cluster’s path. The next warm weekend (above 55°F for this), I’ll have a look and move capped honey above the cluster. Some hives had not moved into the top super and I didn’t have enough candy boards for all the hives so the next visit’s plan is already forming.

Any number of beekeepers would argue that opening a hive at temperatures below 50°F is not recommended. They could be right. I subscribe to the thought that bees at the top of the hive in February will run short of food before flowers bloom. This is a compelling argument for doing something to help the bees before they starve.