Extraction now?

I have been asked by a number of people when I will have honey available this season. Normally I extract in late July but one hive was too tall for me to check comfortably and one box of comb was ready. After a bit of discussion with some other beekeepers I decided last weekend that I would pull off a bit and exact. I dropped my tallest hive back to a more manageable height (5 mediums right now) and collect the one box of comb honey before all the little bee feet started to discolor it. I also sorted through the honey supers and moved frames around to better balance the supers on my strongest hives.

I’m working with several new beekeepers and most are doing well. One suggestion this year is to encourage the feeding of protein supplement in the new hives. So far it appears to be helpful. I’m following my own advice and feeding my nucs small amounts of protein. They are doing well so far.