First hive inspection of 2014

Finally! Weather and other activities had kept me from doing an extensive hive inspection before now. Although there was strong wind, it was time to look at what was going on in my hives. All the hives have brood in a reasonable pattern. A few didn’t have a lot, but all have some. One hive looked weak when compared to the others so I reduced it down to 2 mediums and will see what it does.One hive was solid bees and brood with 5 mediums so I’m tagging it for making a couple of nucs. The rest were between those two for bees and brood.

This year is the first time I had added protein supplement as a routine. The results are positive. I have not fed sugar syrup because there is still a good amount of honey from last Fall’s feeding. Pollen was coming into all hives and with some luck and good weather, the honey flow will be starting soon.