Hard frost

The first hard frost was last night, 19⁰ F was reported. Blooming plants will be back in the spring. The next warm day will allow me to remove several top feeders that I left on the lighter hives in hopes that a bit more feed would help. Spring will tell if that was a good idea.

All that is left for this year is to plan for next spring. Things like inventory existing equipment, order supplies, clean up the last of the equipment, organize the bee room, visit the bee yards, and basically wait for spring.

Winter starts on Thursday December 21st and ends Monday March 19th so I’ve got time to build frames, insert the foundation, paint empty supers, assemble new equipment, order queens, setup the 2018 record book, sell the rest of the honey, plan the 2018 training yard activities and attend bee meetings.

Spring will be here before I’m ready. Dandelions will be a wonderful sign.