Mid 50s on January 2nd

Starting a new beekeeping year with 50⁰ mid-day temperature is perfect! I always enjoy winter yard visits and get spring planning started while watching bees fly. I normally add a bit of fondant to each hive just to be sure there is some food at the top. Days that I can open the hives are not plentiful this time of the season.

A 2nd reason for my visit is to remove any dead hives so that I can process the equipment while I have plenty of time. By late March my hobby beekeeping time becomes very limited, cleaning frames and supers is a task easily put off until too late.  

2020 was a challenge. I could not get extra equipment because manufacturing was shut down and what I had from my winter planning was quickly used. I also could not get my standard queen order so swarming was prevalent.

It turned out to be one of my better years with bees. Odd how things work out.

Off to watch bees fly!