My flower or your weed?

Romeo and Juliet – A rose by any other name would still smell as sweet. Could it also be possible that a weed by a different name could be a wildflower?

My yard (lawn indicates too high a level of effort) has any number of plants that bloom. Most of this bloom has blown in on the wind or flown in on a wing. I do not enjoy hours of trimming, mowing, tending, thinning, planting and all the other activities that go along with manicured lawn images. My free time is spent in partnership with the bees. They mostly ignore me, and I try not to do too much damage.

So, when the large patches of white clover, butter cups or dandelion bloom and bees scout blossom to blossom searching for food, I stop mowing for a bit. This thought might be more of an excuse to not mow rather than any scientific knowledge of honey flow volume. Every drop of nectar and pollen grain helps feed larva is my rationalization.  

White Clover bloom gets pollinated

Now that summer is fast approaching and flowering is beginning to slow, I like to look for bees on blooms. Even clover blooms still hold interest for both me and the bees.