Spring is on a roll

Our weather has improved from the cold and wet early Spring of March and April but nights are still cool. Several beekeeper friends are reporting that brood has been slow to ramp up.  So far, not much evidence of swarming but that can change very quickly in my bee yard. The hives have plenty of space and the comb honey production is doing OK in one hive. I added three supers for comb honey to the strongest 3 hives and decided to move one to  different hive and remove one until warmer weather. I have read that wax production is somewhat temperature dependent so I’m in hopes that comb production picks up now that day temperatures are in the 70s. I’ll add it back this weekend. Time will tell. All things considered, this looks to be a good start on production.

My nucs have done very well and I letting two go this weekend. These are 10 frames in double 5 frame nuc boxes. These two are so packed with bees that I’m a bit concerned that they are too full. I enjoy the smile that a perfect frame of brood jammed with bees puts on the face of a beekeeper. What a joy to see both.