Spring Splits

Queen cells are abundant in two or three hives. These hives also have very good bee cover so splits were made last week. Swarms may also happen but at least there will be some hives created from the queen cells. The two hive used to make splits have lower amounts of brood now and no eggs were seen – could the queen have been moved into a split? Ripe queen cells are available so the set back should be short lived and cooler weather has somewhat delayed the nectar flow. Maybe I’ll get a break and produce honey from them.

All hives from last year are now 4 – 6 medium supers. The bees have drawn out comb on the frames of foundation that were added about two weeks ago. Two hives got a super of foundation each yesterday because frames were filling up with brood, pollen and honey. Time to setup more frames and supers.

The bee yard is busy!