Yard check

With midday temperature almost 70º F today,  the call of the bees was too much to resist. Off I went with hive tool and bee jacket. Bees flying all around me!

I popped off the top covers and found that the protein patties I added several weeks ago are a big hit. All were mostly covered with bees and the outside feeders were empty. I refilled the outside feeders just to be safe. I have read conflicting results with feeding protein but I don’t see any harm and the bees seem to like it.

My only concern is that the in-hive patties tend to be a breeding ground for small hive beetle. As it is still cold at night, I don’t think the small hive beetle larva can survive the “in  ground” part of their life cycle until nights stay above freezing. By then I will have removed the protein patties. I can put them into the outside feeders if there is no evidence of beetle larva.

Almost time to reverse supers.There was a dandelion in bloom. Hardy little guys.