Can’t be too much longer

I admit it, my Spring Fever is now about the worst I have ever had.

There was a 60° day a week or so ago and a “warm enough to fly” day last weekend. I was able to add a bit of protein supplement and some candy to all the hives. All the clusters are in the top. Losses will be a bit higher this year (at around 15%) than the last two years but still manageable.

I’ve been kicking around the pro and con of ordering early spring queens with some of my fellow beekeepers. Some have ordered and some have not. I have not, so I’ll not be making early April splits with purchased queens as it is too late to order. I’m also not convinced that early southern queens are worth the expense and trouble.

Deciding when (or if) I need to start spring feeding to boost brood rearing is my next decision point. A few warm days here and there would be most helpful for the bees, my decision process and my spring fever.

Only 13 days until the first 12 hours of daylight, but who is counting?