Good day for bees

Today was a great March combination of 60° with no wind on a Saturday. Doesn’t get any better for the hobby beekeeper! Off to the bee yard with candy, protein paddies,my record book and a good bit of trepidation. What would I find other than mud?

Several weeks ago I had added a bit of candy and a small piece of protein patty to each hive. The hives are still heavy but the clusters were in the top so feeding candy and protein supplement seems like a good idea. There should be several warm days each week now but no flowers yet. It is the hardest time, stores are running low.

I found lots of bees flying and the wonderful buzz of an active bee yard. Checking each hive surprised me because candy was still available but the protein had been consumed. I added a good amount of protein supplement but held back on candy. After finishing this and recording what I had done, I just started watched the bees. It was a beautiful March day and the bees landing and leaving but never colliding is a beautiful dance. Then a bee landed with pollen. Was I seeing things? Wishful thinking? Then another landed. I watched at each hive and saw pollen being carried in. Not much but some. Once again these amazing creatures have surprised me. Not a bloom to be seen with my eyes but the bees found some. How do they do it? Would it be too big of a leap to think that the queens are starting to lay? Working with honey bees is a gift from nature. Thanks!