So now what?

I wandered aimlessly around the bee yard on a sunny but cold late November day with no way to see into the hives or change anything. I can look up through the screen bottom board and put my ear to the super but nothing else. Not one bee ventured out. I always knew they are smarter than me. They are inside warm and cozy and I’m out in the clear but cold day.

I’m going into late fall and early winter beekeeping withdraws. The bee magazines talk of planning for next year and reading about bees to get through these cold dark days without being stung or lifting heavy supers or looking for eggs and larva or moving lots of sticky equipment back and forth on 85º days in a bee suite or any of the other fun tasks associated with spring and summer hives. Thoughts of how is the queen, will she be replaced, are they going to swarm, is there any problems to deal with, are just not rational on this sunny but cold day.

I do have some frames to build………….