The Mid November bee yard

I removed top feeders from the standard hives this past weekend and even have them cleaned and stored. The standard hives are as they will be for the next three months. They all pass the lift test. I debated the nuc feeders which are internal Boardman style two frame feeders and ended up leaving them in. One nuc is a bit lighter than I would like and I have syrup so I’ll probably fill one more time.

I didn’t check for brood because I can’t change anything now. I have done all I know to do, treat for mites in August, feed to be sure the hives have ample supplies, combine or remove the weakest hives and hope for the best. The days are quickly marching towards the longest night/shortest day, frost has stopped most blooms although bees with pollen were coming in two days ago (how do they find it?) and the last few warm days allow for plenty of bee activity.

I’m shifting into Spring planning mode with lots of ways to do good bee things and improve my skills. I’ve got frames to build, equipment to paint, bee club activities including the Spring State meeting that is being sponsored by the local club and second year beekeepers that may need a bit of encouragement in the Spring. My goal is to not lose hives or at least lose less than the average. Now if I could just figure out the 2015 queen needs………