Spring (Nuc) Fever

Welcome to beekeeping 2016!

Days are getting longer although not by much, I’ll take any improvement! The holidays are behind me so time for spring beekeeping plans.

I follow the 5 Ps of production: Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance

The current phase of my Spring plan includes the usual work of getting supers and existing equipment ready for the burst of activity that usually puts me into spring format. Since I’m mostly a weekend beekeeper there is limited time for all the work that leads to nuc creation, swarm control and honey production. That’s why we keep bees right?

My January check list includes these items:

  • The last warm day inspection showed bees flying from the hives – a check mark next to having bees
  • Equipment for honey supers clean and ready to install – check
  • Old dark frames removed and discarded, I don’t clean frames – check
  • New frames assembled and ready for foundation – check
  • Foundation for frames – check
  • Queens on order – check
  • Sugar boards for late winter feeding – need to add sugar
  • Protein supplement – may need to order
  • Spring Formic Acid mite treatment available – may need to order

Not too complicated but I have some work left to do. Bees don’t wait for me so I need to get ready for them.